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Good quality GPRS data logger for sales
Good quality GPRS data logger for sales
Harry stayed until he helped solve the problem I was facing. Thanks again to all of you for the great support you offer!

—— Christos Digenis Group

I am really impressed: for the first time in my 13-years long experience with China, I got such clear, easy-going and exact manual!

—— Sergy

We have delivered 3 units to small projects for evaluation and all three customers are very satisfied with your product and software.

—— Kent

We started playing with the device and we find it so easy to use. The documentation you sent was a big help in understanding fully how this SMS dev

—— Michael

The first T20 we pulled out of the box to program for a customer worked perfect.

—— David

CWT5111 GPRS data logger works very well now, thanks so much for your support. We will market it and hope to get more order.

—— Morteza AhmadiFar

After 2 months testing of the RTU, we are very happy with it and going to install 200 units in our field.

—— Armin Günther

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  • Production Line

    CWT provide telemetry and sensing solutions. Developing, manufacturing and distributing complimentary products that ensure we offer competitive, reliable solutions. to a range of industries that help you save money. Our solutions have evolved since our inception in 2003 , benefitting from many years experience in the field.




    CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited

    CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., LimitedCWT(HK) Co., Limited


      By listening to customers and giving them what they need, as well as working ourselves in the field , products that suit the application are the result. A good practical understanding linked to high quality electronics design and manufacture have made for a class leading solution. Over the years we have developed an enviable customer base, a wide network of suppliers and partners and a wealth of application knowledge that provides us with resources to fulfil a wide variety of requirements, no matter how challenging. The industries in which we work include:

    CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited

    CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited

    CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited CWT(HK) Co., Limited


    Please contact us on +86 134 2097 1345 or email to discuss your requirements further.


    CWT is an effective choice of communications for SCADA or telemetry applications. CWT provides broadband internet communications or complete private networking options for use as a primary or emergency backup network for SCADA operations.

    VSAT Telemetry


    CWT provides high quality connectivity on a near global basis to enable SCADA applications, such as oil and gas pipeline monitoring and power line monitoring.

    CWT provides two-way broadband connectivity that can be deployed quickly to any geographic region, under any conditions. VSAT networks can operate independently of terrestrial networks for full redundancy in network design.


    Benefits include:


    • Remote Tank Level Monitoring
    • Pump Station Monitoring
    • Data Logging Systen
    • Remote HVAC Monitoring
    • Remote UPS Monitoring
    • Automatic Meter Reading
    • Remote Lighting Control Systems
    • GSM Security Systems
    • Remote Environment Monitoring
    • Weather Station Monitoring

      For more information, Please contact us at

  • R&D

    M2M “Machine-to-Machine” is two devices exchanging data without any human interference. It can be as simple as normal card access control or it can be as complex as a global sensor network connecting via multiple nodes into a single data repository to deliver data to a SCADA interface.


    With the explosive growth and merging of the internet and mobile telephony, the costs of sensors coming down, M2M is expected to become the fastest growing part of the communications industry.

    CWT(HK) Co., Limited

    With recent innovations in low cost satellite technology, the GAP platform extends the reach of Machine to Machine (M2M) communications beyond GSM, to anywhere on Earth.


    We make it easy to connect remote sensors, actuators and data loggers in remote locations. Now you can quickly provide end-to-end management, monitoring, control and reporting solutions using low cost equipment and simple software administered via the Web.


    CWT is used across multiple sectors, including utilities, environmental management and maritime

    It supports an ever expanding range of devices across multiple communications bearers. Whether you use it “out of the box” or with the easy to use software development kit, a powerful and flexible platform which can help you consolidate existing infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.


    Hardware developers/suppliers – A lightweight message protocol is available through our partner

    programme. This device independent protocol is optimised for cost and efficiency.


    Software developers – CWT exposes an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow developers to easily integrate M2M data into new or existing business systems.


    SCADA users – CWT supplies an OPC server connection to feed existing SCADA systems without the need for custom software and interfaces.

    A modern HTTP web services API provides access to the data via the Web for integration into third party applications and web portals.

    Code samples are available for a variety of programming languages and our professional services team can assist with application development.


    CWT(HK) Co., Limited


    Please contact us on +86 134 2097 1345 or email to discuss your requirements further.

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